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2022 Prophetic Word

Minister Daphne Phillips for Morningstar Church 

Only Believe

Morningstar and all those who are listening- this word is for you! 


This year will be a year where your blessings and miracles will be based according to your faith (collectively and individually).


Believe little and you will receive little. Some blessings have already been stored and are waiting but it cannot be released because its waiting on you.

Take heed, its not based on what you want, but its based on what I (God) have said/say. The time is now. Stop waiting on me when you hold the key!

Walk by what I have said/say.

Talk based upon what I have said/say.

Live according to what I have said/say.


And you will prosper as your soul prospers. 


You will see supernatural increase (and this does not pertain to finances) you will see an increase in favor, increase in health, spiritual understanding, joy. Some will see financial increase, but this is minor in the grand scheme of things. Loved ones will be saved, chains will be broken, generational curses removed, Those things you have been struggling with, you will be set free! You and your family…according to your faith!

Feed your faith. The more you feed your faith, the easier it will be.


Some promises will be released immediately but some will take the process of time, and some might even take most of the year, but don’t be discouraged.




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