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August Commission

The week of July 25th-31st is the season for preparation!

The Prophetic Word

In the month of August there will be an increase in the amount of people you will be able to touch and share the Gospel.  The more you put yourself out there the more God will use you. 

During this month you will have some opposition and some will reject you.  It’s not you they are rejecting they are rejecting God.  Your job is to drop the seed.  

Share a testimony every day with someone. Talk about Jesus every day several times a day. Make His Story your priority. During the month of August you begin to try different methods in your delivery and God will help you fine tune what is going to be your way.

As the world gets worse people will begin to fear and you have to be prepared to give an answer to them that answer is Jesus.  When everyone is panicking you are in peace they will ask why.  Jesus is the answer.

The Instructions

A. Pray 

1. First we must pray! God wants everyone to come to knowledge of the truth but first we must pray God will lead us on how to share the gospel and with whom.

2. Specifically write a list of people and pray intently on their behalf. 

3. How do we pray?  Then the desire to see them saved will have you pray for them intently. 

a. Pray for their hearts to be opened their ears to be opened for understanding for them to be sensitive to the calling of God. 

b. We can also pray for laborers in harvest.  If they won’t receive it from me then Lord send someone who will be able to drop your seeds in them.  And Lord You give the increase.


c. Pray that the Lord will reveal himself to them just as the Lord revealed himself in the road to Damascus to Paul.    

4. Every morning first thing in your thoughts is to worship and Praise Jesus. Next is to pray for His will for the day that we walk in it.  Make yourself available for your marching orders. Ask Him:

a. Who should I talk to today?  Prepare them for me and let me know what to talk to them about.  

b. See yourself talking and see yourself doing good things for people.  See yourself not getting irritated by those people that push your buttons see yourself being nice and good to them even if they are not with you.

B. Write

1. Write a list of people you want us to share testimony with.

2. Write a list of people you want to pray for.

3. Write down testimonies and how god has transformed you. Think back to where or what you doing when you first began to hear and feel God tugging on you. 

a. Get that in your mind write it down.

b. Think of the many times God has done things in your life; delivered you, healed you, Write them down don’t forget them. 

4. Think of your own questions and get the answers to them in advance.   

C. Practice Speaking

1. Get your testimonies together and rehearse it know it like the back of your hand. Share testimonies every day in August is to prepare us for something coming.

2. Rehearse a sinner’s prayer so you know how to lead others to Christ.

3. Practice sharing the gospel. Begin to speak the word of God out loud so you can hear yourself declaring the word. 

Partnering Opportunity

MPC is excited to partner with IN THE LIGHT CAMDEN & Pastor Josiah Centeno in their vision to bring revival to the city of Camden!

Click here for the training schedule, and click here for the Tent Service agenda. 

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