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About Our Ministries

Morningstar Mission 

Our mission is to establish an apostolic house embracing the five-fold ministry model found in Ephesians 4. Through this model, we see to provide a place where those of all nations can hear and obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be brought into a new birth experience. 


Morningstar is a place where individuals can find their spiritual gifting, work out their salvation and be equipped to work the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Morningstar also establishes a place where family is celebrated, encouraged and strengthened through biblical principles.  The local church should not just be a place where we gather, but it should be a community of believers in the family of God.


This is why we are a place to learn and promote the use and activation of spiritual gifts and divine healing: to profit all and restore lost truths to the church.  Ultimately, our mission is to position all believers to be a part of the end time establishment of the Kingdom and work of God.

How We Do What We Do

Morningstar Pentecostal Church of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. is long established in the community as a multi-cultural ministry operating in a spirit of love and respect regardless of race, age, gender, orientation, education or socio-economic status.


We strive to raise the standard of how the Body of Christ operates by teaching, healing, delivering, exhorting and loving one another. We are a safe place for the lost to receive the loving kindness of Jesus Christ. We are a church with open doors, open hearts and transformed minds through the blood of Jesus Christ.


We stand for holiness, redemption, and salvation from sin through Jesus Christ. We operate in compassion, love and forgiveness.


We are Morningstar Pentecostal Church, where Jesus is Lord, and you are welcome!

Elisha Group Ministry

The Elisha Group Ministry serves as the leadership staff at Morningstar in support of Bishop Brewer and Elder Carter. 


Elisha Group was founded and trained by Elder Carter in 2005 and has received Fellowship Papers from the P.A.W. recognizing their authority to operate as lay ministers. 


As Elisha was a servant before he could lead, the Elisha Group ministers are also called on to be servant-leaders and have served as auxiliary and department heads as well as establishing their own ministries veins. 

Elisha Group members baptize, preach, teach, mentor, pray for the sick, organize and run weekly services and serve as needed for the New Jersey District Council.

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